Tan Thuan Corporation Inaugurated the largest high-storey factory in Vietnam

On 3rd February 2018, the owners of Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone officially inaugurate the Standard Factory B in Ho Chi Minh city, the largest high-rise factory currently on Vietnam market with the total cost of nearly 7 million US Dollar. This factory is the second phase of the pilot plan since the Decision on a pilot project for high-rise factory model in export processing zones and industrial parks in the city was issued by the city’s government.

The Standard Factory B consists of 8 floors and 1 basement with 22,852m2 area available for rent. With its modern architecture, the factory offers various options for investors from manufacturing factory to office space with sufficient amenities including passenger lifts, cargo lifts, parking spaces with 1 basement and a separated parking building, power station, standard fire-fighting system and lightning system, etc. The factory is constructed of reinforced concrete steel with the floor load capacity from 600kg to 1 ton per square meter, ceiling height from 4 to 5 meters and operated under the management of Savills Vietnam.

High-rise architecture is still an uncommon form of factory in Vietnam but has been widely applied in developed countries with limited land and expensive labour cost, typically such as Singapore, Korean and Japan. Understanding the inevitable trend, Tan Thuan Corporation has constructed and effectively put in to operation four high-rise factories in Tan Thuan Export Processing zone: the Standard Factories on road 15 and 14, the Standard Factory A and the Standard Factory B; of which the first three have reached 100% occupancy rate. Factory B currently is 20% occupied with 4 lease contracts signed before completion.

“Our high-rise factories can meet the demand for rental space from 500 to several thousand square meters. This is a cost effective solution for not only SMEs but also for supporting industries to co-locate the supply chain in one place, helping the enterprises to streamline the production and operation and increase labour productivity. Our project also benefits the government by helping the authorities increase the effectiveness of planning, environment control and land use efficiency.” stated Mr. Tsao Chung Hung, the President of Tan Thuan Corporation.

Over 26 years of development, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone has always taken lead in FDI attraction in Ho Chi Minh City. The product range of the corporation includes land for lease, factory for rent, warehouse for rent, office for rent and construction services on demand, which have always received great attention from investors.